Ludwig Late 50s Transition Era Blue Sparkle 22/16/12

Ludwig Mid 70s Clear Vistalite Acrylic 22/16/13

Ludwig Early 70s Green Vistalite Acrylic 24/16

Pearl Rhythm Traveler 20/14/12/4×13


Ludwig 20s Super Snare 5×14

Ludwig 70s Acrolite 5×14

Rogers 60s Dynasonic Brass 5×14

Rogers Early 60s Holiday B&B Lugs WMP  5×14

Ludwig 50s Auditorium 8×15

Shine 15ply Custom 7×14

RCI 2006 Clear Acrylic 6.5×14


A Zildjian Trans Stamp 20″ and 22″ Ride

Matt Bettis Custom 20″ Medium Ride

Istanbul Trad Medium 20″ Ride

Istanbul Agop Sig 18″ Crash (used as top hat)

Paiste Signature Dark Energy 18″ Crash (used as top hat)

Paiste Rude 18″ Crash/Ride (used as bottom hat)

Paiste  Twenty 20″ Light Ride

A bunch of modern A Zildjian and K Zildjians


DW 5000 Nylon Strap Single Pedal w/Med Felt Beater (earlier model)

Custom DW 7000 Nylon Strap Single Pedal w/Delta Hinge and Med Felt Beater

DW 6000 Series Hardware

Pork Pie Round Throne


Vic Firth 5a and x5a

Regal Tip Brushes


Remo Coated Ambassador

Remo Ambassador Snare Side

Remo Coated Emperor

Remo Coated Powerstroke3 Bass (Batter)

Remo Emperor Bass (Resonant)

Remo Fiberskyn Bass (Resonant w/out Port Hole)